See what our clients are saying about their experience with us.

I’m very much enjoying this process and find it timely and appropriate - Clearer about how to strategically share management views and values with the rest of staff and learned more about the interests of the rest of the group. I truly realized that putting our heads together brings better outcomes.
— Senior Manager
The action steps we committed to from the last session … and then implemented and spoke about in this session helped me tackle a difficult situation with my employees. I can’t thank you enough!
— Mid-level Manager
This session helped me figure out leadership’s role which I found confusing before. I learned a lot from and about my co-workers. I felt listened to and that my ideas and comments were respected.
— First-level Supervisor
This has been the best retreats management has had. Good balance of presentation, discussion and activities. Good participation, flexibility and fun! All of the processes were significant in making points that help draw the conclusions.
— Senior Manager
My skills were enhanced in communications, working with people toward a common goal, prioritizing and being productive.
— Supervisor
I’ve been a manger for so long, I thought I knew it all. Your sessions taught me new ways of handling and more importantly avoiding issues with employees. I had no idea I was a micro-manager!! I will definitely try to “lead from the balcony” so that my staff will feel more empowered to take initiative.
— Senior Manager
I am always blown away by your ability to know just what should happen next to help us along. We are a stronger team and a stronger organization because of WrightWay.
— Senior Manager
The retreat had a positive atmosphere, good pace and was very interactive. I gained a better understanding of headquarters’ perspective, different styles of leadership and common values.
— Regional Director
Thank you for creating a safe place for our staff to make the necessary plans to help us reach the next level. I am sure your effort will help us bear fruit.
— Mid-level Manager
I had no idea what the staff really thought about the organization. After doing the assessment and planning, I feel better about the path we are on and what it takes to have the staff move forward with us.
— Executive Director
This is the best training I have ever attended and as an Army General, I’ve been through a lot of training! I gained considerable insight from the workshop.
— Board Member
Excellent facilitation. The organization of the thoughts and ideas were on target. I hope we continue this partnership beyond next year!
— Long-term Supervisor